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Tumblr Review

Designed for visually-oriented bloggers, Tumblr is a new blogging platform designed for users who want to focus mostly on image showcasing.

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Windows Live Writer

Windows Live writer is a desktop application that makes it simpler for bloggers to create their blog posts using photos, videos, maps, etc. Posts are created using Windows Live Spaces or current blog


One of the most popular and easier to use image editors and viewers worldwide, IrfanView allows users to view images, convert files and optimize them for basic features including: color changes, black


Fetchnotes creates a list of line item notes to be stored for later usage, texted or even emailed. Notes come in the form of single items and should include organization hashtags on the side...


CloudFlare protects and accelerates online content once a site has joined up to be a part of the CloudFlare community. The platform automatically optimizes web pages so visitors get the fastest load t

Curate.Us allows users to pull integrated screen shots from any URL. It offers scrollable screen clips that includes the embed code and direct social sharing options across all top websites. Users can


Apture offers rich multimedia linking that and a lot of user control. Users can create layered multimedia content across their page as well as pop ups and tabs. It’s ideal for media and heavy content


Meebo filters through the web for information that matters to profile owners. Meebo offers a “Meebo Bar” that offers notifications on fresh daily content including messages, promos, news and more. Use


isqus takes commenting to the next level by alerting users of the comment chains and giving them the option to strictly monitor it. It’s the best system, but it’s one of the simplest and effective eno


Paint.NET is a free image and photo editing software for PC, which features a user interface that mimics Photoshop’s functionality. The program offers layering, unlimited undos, special effects and mo

Sprout Social

Sprout Social focuses on social media ROI through leveraging conversion. Users can monitor brands and manage conversations, with all activity included in a comprehensive analytics report.


Created for Facebook management, MediaFeedia can safely boast that it’s the only business tool for Facebook. Users can schedule posts days, weeks and even years in advance, including posts with pictur

TweetDeck Review

Created by Twitter, TweetDeck is a social media dashboard designed to make it easier and more rewarding to use Twitter.

CoTweet Review

Like HootSuite, users can grant varied access to team members and post as dynamically across multiple channels. CoTweet also offers analytics, though the data is not as competitive as HootSuite.

Hootsuite Review

Hootsuite is a premier social media management dashboard that offers engagement and social outreach to help brands manage their online reputation and increase visibility.

Zoho Review

Offering a host of other services, Zoho includes a well developed CRM system that offers two out of three key tools needed for a successful CRM application - automation and analytics, but lacking soci

Engage121 Review

Social CRM platform Engage121 is ideally suited for all size companies, offering them the ability to influence key business metrics and increase traffic to outlets, branches and stores.

Engaging Social...

Engaging Social is a social CRM platform for planning, publishing, monitoring, analytics and brand management. Users can schedule updates, target social networks and even build custom Facebook tables.

Spredfast Review

Spredfast is a social media management or social CRM platform that allows organizations to manage, monitor and measure their social media messages, and the effectiveness of each piece of content, acro

ProStores Review

Originally called StoreSense, ProStores is an e-commerce software that allows users to create a shop with over 10,000 products inventoried. Users can also create customized online catalogs, which appe

Magento Go Review

Magento offers users a host of features for executing a beautiful and functional shop. Features include templates, language/currency options, payment assistance, check out help, security features, cat

Ashop Commerce...

It’s ideal for users looking to get “everything but the kitchen sink” when it comes to e-commerce shopping, without having to pay a large monthly fee.

Fortune3 Review

Fortune3 e-commerce software provides users everything they need to set up and manage their shops, including social media integration, inventory management, website-design assistance, 60 templates and

CoreCommerce Review

CoreCommerce stands out for its social media integration. Taking a cue from the publishing world’s popular Facebook login option, CoreCommerce allows users to log in with Facebook, including the abili

Easy Insight Review

It’s a simple system best for marketing managers who need to create custom reports for presentations, rather than marketing managers that have the autonomy to act on the data directly.

Metricly Review

Metricly is great for gathering information through a customizable dashboard that lets you pick the features based on your needs. With this you can customize filters, create graphics and aggregate dat

Google Analytics...

Google Analytics is the top choice for web analytics. Used by bloggers, small business owners and large multi-million dollar corporations, the software tracks sales and conversions and measures site e

Omniture Site...

Omniture offers a scope of services, one of which is web metrics through rich internet applications (RIA). The applications let you monitor metrics and (more uniquely) gauge your blog post freshness.

Web-Stat Review

Web-Stat offers users real-time traffic analysis for their websites. This data includes the ability to watch live people as they navigate your site, as well as the ability to see how they find you in

Unica Review

Offering a variety of analytics options, Unica hosts Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) which includes Unica Campaign, Unica Interact, Unica Detect and Unica CustomerInsight.

Coremetrics Review

A strong contender for cream of the crop web analytics software, Coremetrics offers real-time and diverse tracking across mobile applications and social media networks.

Webtrends Review

Webtrends offers a broad range of analytics services that cover the three most important tiers in digital media marketing: mobile marketing, social media marketing and web marketing.

Personyze Review

Applicable for a wide variety of websites ranging from e-commerce to local businesses, and review websites. Beyond offering site analytics, Personyze hones in on user patterns to help identify traffic

GoEmerchant Review

GoEmerchant is a solid, well-priced option for beginners in e-commerce or small online shops that aren’t looking to invest too much or scale up anytime soon.

3DCart Review

3D Cart is a formidable choice when choosing an e-commerce solution. Like Volusion, it offers scalability, so small shop owners don’t need to transfer providers as they grow into more successful e-com

BigCommerce Review

BigCommerce gets you everything you need for an online storefront so you’re operating with a large scale presence but paying a medium to small scaled price.

Shopify Review

Sheer statistics is what sets Shopify apart from its top competitor, Volusion. Shopify users get access to key stats, including how customers found you, what country they’re in, what URLs refer to you

Volusion Review

Volusion offers everything any scale of e-commerce business owners need to launch their shops. Best of all, that scalability allows users to grow their shops now and opt in for better plans and pac...

ion interactive...

ion interactive calls itself the “ultimate testing playground for marketers” – and it is. Going beyond basics, ion’s LiveBall platform has turned the task of creating and testing landing pages into...

ZenTester Review

Created by Evolutionary Software, ZenTester’s site optimization software is designed to make the most of your online investment. The software allows for unlimited testing...

SiteSpect Review

SiteSpect is up there with the best of the best in optimization software rated highly for functionality and support. There are a few factors that merit its high rank, including fine-tuning features...

Visual Website...

Visual Website Optimizer is ideal for the marketer who doesn’t have advanced coding and technical skills.

GlobalMaxer Review

GlobalMaxer is a suite of tools for users seeking increased engagement and conversions from their landing page campaigns. They compete strongly in functionality...

Ephricon Web...

Ephricon offers landing page and conversion optimization, in addition to SEO services, PPC management, content marketing and inbound marketing campaign management.

WiderFunnel Review

WiderFunnel’s focus is clearly stated in its name. The goal is to help you turn your site into a wider funnel, to convert traffic visitors into clients, customers, subscribers, etc.

Marketo Review

Marketo offers a host of solutions for marketing and sales, one of which is landing page optimization.

Conversion Doubler...

Ideally suited for marketers, Conversion Doubler offers must-have features needed for DIY landing page optimization, including key analytical features for data assessment.

WordPress Review

WordPress is one of the most frequently used publishing platforms with multiple publishing options.

Joomla! Review

Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) that’s also frequently used as a blog by more bloggers with more technical experience and a library of content, and by online magazines, newspapers and...

Blogger Review

After WordPress, Blogger is the second most popular blogging platform. It’s simple enough to use for a beginner with zero web experience and has the ability to implement slightly more customization.

Ning Review

Ning is a DIY social networking platform that lets users fuse blogging and forum use alongside building an independent social network. Ning account layouts are very well designed...

Xanga Review

Xanga is a lot like LiveJournal, a blogging community rather than a strong platform for blogging and content management.

LiveJournal Review

LiveJournal is incredibly fast and easy to use, not to mention free. The platform also works hard to foster networking among users, resulting in a very strong community of users.

Typepad Review

You may not have heard about Typepad, but you should definitely not ignore the blog platform that major marketing thought leader, Seth Godin, uses for his own blog publishing needs.

Drupal Review

Drupal is a worthy blog publishing platform, but itʼs not intended for the average blogger lacking technical experience.

Squarespace Review

Squarespace is that product thatʼs so good, no one wants to talk about it. Itʼs competitive with WordPress (which suffered a recent downgrade in service) and Blogger.