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Arianto srl was founded by Prof. Antonio Pelliccia and Dr Anna Maria Mazzuka in 2000 as a consulting firm for health care companies, public and private, in the Marketing and Management field. The goal of Arianto is is to provide the dentists with the right mindset for a modern approach to the profession.


Arianto, with more than 20 years experience and awareness will support dentists in the optimization and development of the profession with the goal to increase the quality perceived by the patients through a Medical Ethical Marketing: to be chosen, you do not need to sell but to be able to transmit value, efficiency and competence.

Arianto proposes the scientific administration of Management and Marketing, based on analysis and diagnosis, that allows you to reach the goals, measuring them and keeping them over time.

The goal of Arianto and Management Continuing Education (CME), the permanent training centre on professional management and management training in healthcare, is to provide the dentist with the right mindset for a modern approach to the profession.

CME represents the continuous management education, a regular training, a long-lasting and always updated one with the most technological methods, a mix of simple and well-advanced procedures.  

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