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Forbes Magazine calls BigCommerce a “high-tech spin on an old school business.” BigCommerce understands how the internet works. It’s a powerhouse for social marketing, with a completely integrated social shop that other providers are either (1) not offering at all, (2) offering on a basic level compared to what BigCommerce offers or (3) charging an arm and a leg for. Most notably, BigCommerce is a go-to option for its mobile commerce solutions, which is one of the biggest and steadily growing e-commerce sub-markets, and it features a rarely offered shopping comparison export to really boost traffic/sales.   BigCommerce gets you everything you need for an online storefront so you’re operating with a large scale presence but paying a medium to small scaled price. Users get complete creative control and can reap the benefit of tools like shopping comparison exports to help drive traffic via PPC websites BizRate, NexTag, PriceGrabber, and Shopzilla. The software also provides Google Website Optimizer to test conversion and help with optimization, and also integrates with leading third party software/apps.   Features at a Glance: • Templates available (plus HTML/CSS editing) • Integrated social marketing • Shopping comparison export • Mobile commerce • eBay connection • SEO savvy • Discount/promotional marketing

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