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After WordPress, Blogger is the second most popular blogging platform. It’s simple enough to use for a beginner with zero web experience and has the ability to implement slightly more customization. However, its major drawback is its inability to go beyond just a blog. Users looking to build an advanced and distinguished blog that extends past a select female demographic will be disappointed. Still, depending on the subject and blog needs, Blogger might be for you if you’re looking for a starter blog platform. Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platforms around primarily because it was one of the first to offer a free blogging software. Users continue to flock to Blogger because of brand recognition and because it’s a very user-friendly platform. Blogger became stunted in its adaptability as web software grew, but that changed when Google purchased the platform. Blogger is now very responsive to Google’s evolving applications, including automatic integration with Google Adsense. Features at a Glance: • Some free templates • Simple built-in customization • Ability to integrate a limited customized template • Help and technical directory • Strong user community • Simple to use • Free • Image-friendly • Best blog for ad income

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