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Created out of sheer need, CloudFlare launched within 24 hours after Google acquired Apture only to put it on ice for a while. The result was an 80% successful copy of the original program, which many users have now converted to from Apture. Yet, it’s more of a content delivery platform rather than a content optimization platform. CloudFlare helps bloggers optimize their websites for increased load time, less bandwidth, blocking spammers and more. It’s worth having and will be appreciated by users who understand that blogging isn’t just about putting your opinions online. CloudFlare protects and accelerates online content once a site has joined up to be a part of the CloudFlare community. The platform automatically optimizes web pages so visitors get the fastest load time and best website performance. Threats and spammers are also shielded away from community sites, which helps decrease bandwidth usage. The goal is to see increased blog performance. CloudFlare also offers apps so that users can “click once, deploy everywhere” – which is ideal for content managers and marketers. The CDN also automatically optimizes user pages to minimize network connections and ensure third party resources don’t slow down the user’s website. CloudFlare has further advanced levels of services best viewed on their website. Features at a Glance: • Offers content delivery network (CDN) • Cloud-based technology • Offers online protection • Website analysis included • Apps included • Security included • Image optimization

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