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Joomla is great for technically oriented people that have the time, experience and at least some knowledge of building a complex CMS-based blog. It’s competitive with WordPress in terms of design flexibility, but falls short in ease of use. It’s also confusing to see Joomla frequently updating to fractioned and unsequential versions of itself, which makes it confusing for the average user to know what system they’re using and which is better. So while Joomla is adaptive, it isn’t easy enough to use to make it worth the time unless you have some technical experience or are willing to spend the time learning it.       Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) that’s also frequently used as a blog by more bloggers with more technical experience and a library of content, and by online magazines, newspapers and publications. Joomla offers a rich array of free and paid-for templates, complete with extensive user guides. It lets new users create a demo site and then either transfer that to another host or download it to Joomla. The platform also has an extensive user help section and a very strong blog community that makes up the technical help section. However, Joomla is more popular as a website platform for larger organizations including corporations, organizational websites and government applications.       Features at a Glance:   • Free and paid templates   • Advanced customization   • Requires a medium to advanced knowledge of CMS and web building   • Strong blog community   • Extensive help directory and technical support options   • Strong user community   • Complex platform and backend system   • Free to use  

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