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LiveJournal is incredibly fast and easy to use, not to mention free. The platform also works hard to foster networking among users, resulting in a very strong community of users. The downside is that it tends to attract novice bloggers with no design or content management experience – a fact that creates a community of amateurs. This said, LiveJournal is best for someone looking to create a basic blog rather than a blogger looking to establish him/herself as an industry leader.   LiveJournal is one of the original blogging choices, which is reflected in their strong community of over 45.9 million users. In fact, their homepage is also designed to showcase blogs and make it easier for users to connect with other bloggers and popular blogs across all categories. An open source platform, LiveJournal continues to attract bloggers because it’s free and easy to use. However, it lacks any design or customization options beyond basic choices, including social media integration or application.   Features at a Glance: • Very strong user community • Strong search filter for community content • Free • User-friendly • For the beginning blogger • Best for non-commercial use • Limited design and customization • No social media integration

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