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Ning revolutionized the blogging community when it popped up on the scene a few years ago. Designed as a free platform to create your own social network, Ning looked like it was going to empower the average blogger with the capability to create their own social forum. That was then. Ning plummeted in popularity after it announced a service charge, which lost the trust and respect of many users and lead to record unsubscribes. However, it continues to be popular for niche groups who have already accumulated a strong social community or who are confident that they can.   Ning is a DIY social networking platform that lets users fuse blogging and forum use alongside building an independent social network. Ning account layouts are very well designed, allowing for multiple pages, member profiles and a well designed home page that merges all key functions from chat, to forums, badges, blogging and more. The platform offers a small number of free templates, each of which is customizable on basic to advanced levels. However, advanced customization isn’t easy to implement for the average user.   Features at a Glance: • Easy setup • Basic design/template customization • Favorable organizational elements • Best for blogs and forum integration • Limited technical support • Paid subscription required

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