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Incredible marketing web videos that increase awareness, customer base and most importantly sales. we are famous for a video style featuring a TV Reporter, We make it look like your company was featured on a TV Show.

We have clients ranging from Dog Groomers to Gyms to Big Brands and Non-profits. we deliver on budget and on time, every time. Videos act as another Salesperson, working on spreading your message all day, everyday.

As a long term Benchmark Client, we have found that adding a screen shot of a video into all of our email send outs, ensures our open rate and click through rate go through the roof. It also means our entire message is disbanded to our targets, the right way. We are offering all Benchmark customers a free consultation on how they can use Video in their email, bringing messages to life and increasing awareness.

Step by step setup guide
    • Adding video screenshots to a Benchmark Email is easy and we will provide every client with great screen shots from their custom video.
    •  Have a custom video created by
    • Create email and some effective copy using Benchmark’s topnotch program.
    • Add Pictures/screenshots from your video that show what you do, with a play button.
    • Create a webpage for your email to divert to, with the video front and center.
    • Send Email.


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