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Social media dashboards often offer many of the same features. When it comes to choosing one, it’s necessary to distinguish what really sets one apart from the other. With Sprout Social, it’s competitor analysis, conversation history, list of influential users and inbox customization – all of which factors in with the platform’s goal to help you leverage engagements into business. Unfortunately, Sprout Social still has a lot of evolving to do, including integrating Facebook searches. Sprout Social focuses on social media ROI through leveraging conversion. Users can monitor brands and manage conversations, with all activity included in a comprehensive analytics report. Ideal for marketing team collaboration, Sprout Social offers team management and delegated tasks/assignments. It also includes tiered or permission-based team member access much like other social media dashboards designed for teams. Uniquely, Sprout Social includes the ability to monitor “check-ins” and track visitor loyalty, suggesting preferred application for store-fronts. Features at a Glance: • Manage multiple pages and accounts • Create, schedule and review posts • Features a “Smart Inbox” • Analytics and monitoring included • CRM-friendly contacts

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