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Competing directly with Hootsuite, TweetDeck falls short with less than optimal analytics and no tiered team member access. This is probably because (or at the very least why) TweetDeck is preferred for small business owners and individual users not requiring aggressive marketing strategies, but rather just looking to make social posting/tracking easier. TweetDeck isn’t as relevant as it used to be since its parent company, Twitter, has accommodated many of the features that made the platform attractive, though it is still best for information gathering and tracking if you’re active on Twitter.       Created by Twitter, TweetDeck is a social media dashboard designed to make it easier and more rewarding to use Twitter. Users can arrange feeds with customized columns, create columns for “lists,” instantly engage with other users, immediately know which users have reached out to you, and monitor and manage unlimited accounts. You can also create tweet filters and schedule tweets. TweetDeck streamlines the tweeting process, including making it easier to submit tweets with automated hashtags, shortened urls, image inclusion and more.       Features at a Glance:   • Multiple social profile management   • Scheduled messages and tweets   • Track mentions • Basic administration panel • Customized dashboard   • User-friendly • Twitter application  

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