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This is the blogging platform for anyone interested in setting up a site without paying traditional website designer fees. The platform is simple enough to use, but users leaning toward simplicity will end up with a very basic blog that lacks definition. This is because over the last couple of years, WordPress has scaled back from the number of great free templates they previously offered. Any user that wants a top-notch template now has to pay for it and then implement it themselves. However, if you can manage that then you can craft a blog competitive in design and function. WordPress is one of the most frequently used publishing platforms with multiple publishing options. Blog posts can be easily organized by pages, categories, posts and even tags. Users also have the option of switching to HTML mode in all posts, which can be used for the entire content or for graphics/forms. Posts can also be scheduled for future dates. The platform offers plenty of plugins that are already available or can be downloaded from WordPress plugin hosts, which offer advanced customization. WordPress also makes it easy to register their domain through their website, and to manage multiple blogs under one account. Features at a Glance: • Free and paid templates • Advanced customization • Wide range of plugins options • Technical support • Easy to transfer blogs to WordPress from another platform • Easy to publish content quickly and dynamically • Translation services in over 50 languages • Free to use

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