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Offering a host of other services, Zoho includes a well developed CRM system that offers two out of three key tools needed for a successful CRM application - automation and analytics, but lacking social integration. For users looking for one platform with more integrated options and a more affordable price point, Zoho might be the last place you really need to look… if you’re looking for a platform that’s more oriented toward sales and management rather than monitoring social media and brand management. Zoho is an SAAS office suite software that includes CRM capabilities along with Writer, Projects, Sheets, Show, Creator, Wiki, Planner, Suite, Notebook, Chat, Meeting and Mail. Users can take advantage of Zoho’s CRM services by automating day-to-day business activities and capturing website leads while setting up workflow rules. Zoho can also be used for tracking sales activities, including forecasting capabilities. Zoho hosts an attractive CRM email suite to management customer relations, and all the data can be exported via spreadsheets. The suite also gets social with LinkedIn, so users can know all about contacts/leads, send invitations to connect and management comments. Features at a Glance: • Lacks social integration with the exception of LinkedIn • Best for workflow management and lead management • Not ideal for brand management • Includes host of suite tools for related business needs • Includes analytics • Basic automation • Mobile application • Online marketing automation

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