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We Say

            Email Marketing Tools for your WordPress blog You can email a formatted version of your blog to your subscribers. You can sign up readers with custom widgets. You can send and test emails, and even view reports, from inside your WordPress dashboard. You can do this for free. You can do it now.

Create & Customize Signup Forms    
        • Add a customizable signup form to any WordPress page
        • Add subscribers by email, name or one of 27 custom fields included in the widget
        • Your Benchmark contact lists are automatically available when you integrate
        • Sync signup forms to any of your email lists
        • Control up to 5 separate Benchmark Email accounts from your WordPress site
Email Blog Updates to Your Contacts   Send email-ready versions of your posts to your subscribers   Want to preview a campaign? Send a test email to yourself from within the dashboard   Or schedule the blog to send at a later date!   Get Real-Time Analytics
        • Engagement reports will display in your dashboard as soon as you send an email
        • Learn where your emails are being opened with Opens by Location data
        • Visual pie chart gives you statistics at a glance

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