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Cloudbric is a cloud-based web security service, offering an award-winning WAF (Web Application Firewall), DDoS protection, and free SSL as a full-service package. Aimed at website owners and small and medium-sized businesses that are worried about securing sensitive data and keeping up with industry standards like PCI-DSS, Cloudbric’s comprehensive cyber security protection also covers anything from SQL injection, to website vandalism, and DDoS attacks.

The service requires no hardware or installation to activate. Users only need to change their name servers to point to Cloudbric’s. In addition, its cost-effective payment plan is based on traffic bandwidth, meaning users only pay for the resources they use, rather than per feature. Users with up to 4GB of monthly traffic enjoy all services completely free.

Every subscriber has access to:


  • Cloudbric’s PCI-DSS compliant WAF blocks all kinds of web attacks and utilizes a logic-based detection engine, powered by Penta Security Systems, to filter malicious website traffic. It delivers one of the lowest false positive rates among competitors, protecting against unknown and even modified attacks with industry-leading accuracy.

DDoS Protection

  • DDoS attacks attempt to exhaust resources and make websites inaccessible. Protecting against sophisticated DDoS multi-vector and application layer attacks, Cloudbric’s advanced DDoS protection ensures minimal downtime or disruptions so nothing interferes with users’ day to day business activities


  • All functioning websites need SSL; without it the communication between a visitor and web server can be exposed to malicious agents. To protect visitors’ personal information, all communications should be encrypted. Cloudbric makes that process easier by issuing and renewing SSL certificates automatically.

Monthly Web Security Report

  • To make it easier for users to understand how their websites have been protected, Cloudbric provides monthly web security reports that users can download directly from their dashboard. The report details the most frequent attacks attempted against a user’s website, explaining common methods used to execute the attacks and what purposes they are meant to achieve. With this report, users gain insight into their threat environment as well as a better understanding of web security.

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