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File Sharing for Email Marketers

Digioh offers an easy way to send secure large files inside any email marketing software.


Fast and Easy

Upload and Go! Digioh securely stores and delivers

your file from the cloud, and keeps track of every download, all without

having to write a single line of code, or ever having to use FTP.

List Grower Security

Do your email newsletters get forwarded or shared?

Digioh can detect if your file has been passed on and prompts the new

visitor to join your list before they can download your file.
Digioh's List Grower Security has helped collect millions of new email subscribers!

Membership Security

Remain confident that only intended recipients will get access to your files.

Securely send your files to your private lists.

Digioh verifies every recipient identity, and uses smart access control

policies to ensure the most stringent security when sending your files.

This is perfect if your are sending paid or confidential files!

Easy Lead Capture

Every single download link can be pasted on your website, blog, or Twitter to easily grab leads.

Anytime someone clicks on your download link outside

of your email newsletter, you have to enter in an email to access your

file download. All new emails capture are automatically sync'ed with

your email marketing solution.

Download Tracking

Wouldn't it be nice to know who's downloading your

file, and see exactly how many people you're reaching? Well guess what!

Digioh provides you with just that.

See exactly who, when, and how many times someone

downloaded your file. Then follow up with your top subscribers, the ones

who downloaded your file.

Get real-time download notifications, to know the

second your downloads are happening. And access a complete history of

all your customer downloads.




The best part of Digioh is we are integrated with

all the top email marketing providers. Don't see us partnered with the tools you use? Let us know and we will integrate them in for you!

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