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We Say

  Email Monks is one of the fastest growing email design and coding companies in the world.   With 50+ expert designers and coders, EmailMonks makes the right spot for most marketers requiring to design and code professional emails, newsletter templates and landing pages. With our years of expertise into design and coding Benchmark Emails, we add value to the email marketing campaigns of our clients and help them achieve a roaring ROI through our niche set of services.  

  We are experts when it comes to designing and coding emails specific to Benchmark. We code emails that easily integrate with Benchmark email’s system and compatible across 40+ email clients.  

  We provide two options for the clients to choose from for both of our emails and landing pages services. Clients can choose to place (a.) only coding order by supplying their design files, or alternatively (b.) opt for design and coding both and let Monks design the templates for them and later convert the same into HTML. We have mastered the art of making hand-coded responsive (Aka. Mobile friendly) emails leading to smooth rendering of the emails across all the popular devices.  

  Our HTML is also compatible across 40+ email clients and we ensure that our code passed through a robust quality check using platforms like Litmus and Email on Acid. That also makes us favourite email service supplier of more than 2,000+ global brands like Ogilvy, National Geographic, Disney and many other email marketing agencies and ESPs. Some of the reasons why customers fall in love with us include strict NDA terms, fastest in the industry TAT of 8 hours and 100% money back guarantee; in case if we fail to satisfy our clients which generally is never the case. Additionally, we have also developed library of ready to use, mobile optimized templates specific to more than 50 leading ESPs and the same could be customized as per the client’s brand assets.      

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