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Google is the most popular web analytics solution because it’s backed by one of the biggest names, Google. It’s also very easy to implement, access and the reports are easy to understand and the information is displayed in diverse infographs that appeal to all users – and it pairs revenue generation tools like AdWords and AdSense, which are very popular among bloggers. The only downside is that it doesn’t offer live or real-time tracking.

Google Analytics is the top choice for web analytics. Used by bloggers, small business owners and large multi-million dollar corporations, the software tracks sales and conversions and measures site engagement goals against preset levels. It’s also very popular with e-commerce websites, which use the site to compare campaign results in terms of transactions, keywords and other top metric tools. For more refined metrics, Google Analytics offers users the ability to analyze subsets of traffic, create custom reports, insert custom variables and perform advanced data analysis.

Features at a Glance:
• Free to use
• Easy to use with visual data analysis
• Integrated with Adwords and Adsense
• Cross channel and multimedia tracking
• Mobile tracking
• Flash, video and social network application tracking
• Customized thresholds and reporting
• Automatic alerts for significant changes in data patterns
• Data export available

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