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We Say

Track your Leads, Contacts, & Deals with Highrise CRM.

The smarter way to keep track of your customer relationships.
    • Track leads & deals: Monitor pending sales leads, proposals, wins & losses.
    • Manage email better: Easily forward or bcc: your emails right into Highrise.
    • Easy import & export: Outlook, Excel, CSV, vCard, ACT! and Basecamp contacts.
    • Follow-up on time: Highrise sends instant reminders via email or SMS/text.
    • Review conversations : A history of calls, meetings, and customer relationships.
    • Easy contact management: One web-based address book for your entire company.
    • Save and organize notes and email conversations for up to 30,000 customers and contacts.
    • Keep track of proposals and deals.
    • Share status with your company, department, or team.
    • Never forget to follow-up.
    • Get a text message or email so you never forget to make the call.
  Over 60 feature add-ons

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