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Magento Go Integration for Benchmark Email

Grow your email list right from your Magento Go pages.

With our Magento Go integration, you can add a Benchmark Email signup form to your Magento Go pages. Grow your email list with a signup form that lives right on your Magento Go page. Available free with every Benchmark account.


  • Benchmark Email Account (works with Free Trial)
  • Magento Go Account
  • How to Integrate:

  • Log in to your Benchmark account
  • Click on Integration under My Account
  • Scroll down to Magento Go
  • Chose one of your Signup Forms
  • Copy the code generated in the box
  • Open up your Magento Go Store Administration Panel (
  • Click on the Configuration link from the System dropdown menu
  • Select the Design link from the left-hand menu
  • Paste your signup form code in the Miscellaneous HTML box in the Footer section
  • Click the Save Config button at the top of the page
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