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Sheer statistics is what sets Shopify apart from its top competitor, Volusion. Shopify users get access to key stats, including how customers found you, what country they’re in, what URLs refer to your store and what search terms were used to find your shop. While this is great, it doesn’t compete with Volusion’s dynamic marketing and social media capabilities, which will do more to get you traffic. Users can always opt in for landing page tracking software, which includes key real-time analysis and heat maps, which is really what any successful e-commerce should offer if it offers stats. Over 20,000 people trust Shopify with their e-commerce needs. The software includes the ability to design and run your own store from start to finish. Shopify offers users marketing and SEO assistance with built in SEO features that help boost your shop’s profile across major search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Basic discount code options and online promotions are also available. The software boasts security features including an impressive automatic credit card fraud detection. Users can also opt-in with Shopify’s app store, which offers a collection of free premium plug-ins in to extend shop functionality. Features at a Glance: • Fully customizable store design • Secure shopping cart • Simple to use online store builder • E-commerce hosting included • Mobile commerce capability • Free app opt-ins • Customizable themes available

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  1. luckydoghot

    Shopify is Great - Shopify Customer Service SUCKS!

    they don’t answer their phones and they take 4+ days to get back to you via email.

    the email ticket submission does not generate a ticket # that the customer can reference. There is no email validation that a ticket was opened. And with 4+ day turnaround time, you have no idea you even have a ticket.

    Prior to signing on with shopify, I had experienced up to 30 mins hold times waiting for customer service.

    I was assured by a manager there that they were in process of implementing a “24/7 phone service model” to be on par with godaddy (who answers the phone in 2 rings any time of day).

    It’s been 4 months and still no sign of 24/7 phone support – in fact, it’s become much much worse. Now instead of waiting 20-30 mins and speaking with a representative, I spend 30-40 mins and get disconnected. Or I spend an hour on hold and give up altogether.

    I just asked them what kind of refund policy they have since I am so utterly disgusted as a customer, and was told “we don’t have a refund policy as per clause X, section Y”

    so yeah – buyer beware on shopify. The web hosting is great, but the customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced from any company, ever.

    Scott Zalkind
    Lucky Dog Hot Sauce

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