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Squarespace is that product that’s so good, no one wants to talk about it. It’s competitive with WordPress (which suffered a recent downgrade in service) and Blogger. The only downside about Squarespace is that it’s not a free software. But that’s a small price to pay for a great platform that lets you create a truly unique blog. If you’re looking for a customized blog, you’ve got to give Squarespace a try. I would say it’s best for users looking to integrate a blog page on their website rather than those looking for a multi-page blog within the online media category.   Squarespace is a website building and publishing software used for blogs, website and portfolios. Your published platform can be completely customized, including point-and-click optimization on existing templates. Existing bloggers from other blog platforms can easily import data to Squarespace without any complications. Social network data can also be filtered through your Squarespace page without any third party applications. Site statistics, editing applications and form building/data collection capabilities add to what makes Squarespace a popular choice. Users can take advantage of a free trial offer before purchasing a package. Packages range between $12 to $40 per month.   Features at a Glance: • Flexible platform • Fully customizable with template options • Fully hosted • Social Integration Options • Blog Importing Features • Site Statistics • No coding experience needed • Payment required

They Say

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  1. Wade Lutz

    Squarespace costing me business

    It’s fine for a personal website or project but beware if you have a business. The template choices are very limited, most don’t work, and they all have one HUGE flaw that I learned about the hard way. You CAN NOT edit the shopping cart page nor can you see this before you publish your page and go live. So, my medical supply company, displayed men’s clothing on the shopping cart page costing me a ton a business until I was able to figure out why I was having so many abandoned shopping carts in my google analytics. Very unprofessional. WordPress is the better choice.

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