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We Say

Think of Tumblr as a capsulated version of Blogger. It’s simple to use and is very feature- and showcase-friendly for image-centric content. But while Blogger users like to pair brief and digestible content with images, Tumblr is almost exclusively known for its image showcase. Tumblr bloggers will either be recreational image-loving bloggers or strategic marketers looking to market to an image-loving blog community.
Designed for visually-oriented bloggers, Tumblr is a new blogging platform designed for users who want to focus mostly on image showcasing. However, users looking to showcase portfolios and/or have more design control will be frustrated by the platforms limited design, function and integration capabilities. Tumblr’s quick rise in popularity is based on the strong emphasis on visuals in 2011; it’s a trend that marketers and tech teams predict will continue to dominate the market. Despite its simple design and function, Tumblr isn’t as easy to use as other popular platforms like Blogger.

Features at a Glance

            • Easy setup
            • Simple templates
            • Limited customization
            • Designed to showcase images
            • Limited text blogging opportunity
            • Strong user community
            • Best visual blog
            • Free to use

They Say

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