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Volusion offers everything any scale of e-commerce business owners need to launch their shops. Best of all, that scalability allows users to grow their shops now and opt in for better plans and packages as they’re needed – versus having to find a different provider once they become more successful. Volusion’s super simple shopping cart software is also a major plus. Their unlimited 24/7 customer support will be handy to e-commerce business owners, most of whom keep odd hours and will appreciate speaking to a live person when it’s convenient for them and not the other way around. The marketing and social media plugins make Volusion a complete package.   Used by over 30,000 e-commerce shops, Volusion has been one of the leading e-commerce solutions since it was first launched in 1999. It boasts a feature product option with their trademarked vZoom technology, which allows users to offer site visitors an online shopping experience comparable to larger brands’. Users can also take advantage of unlimited product options, product comparison charts and unlimited product photos. Volusion’s shopping cart software is designed to keep users shopping, and the software also offers an integrated one-page checkout system. Trademarked SmartMartch technology keeps inventory a simple hassle-free process. Beyond merchandising, Volusion offers users key tools to help with marketing, including social media plug-ins.   Features at a Glance: • All-in-one e-commerce solution • Unlimited 24/7 customer support • Templates available • Easy to use shopping cart software • Includes marketing, social media and mobile solutions • Great security features

They Say

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  1. Jj Brown

    Lots of options - DO NOT CHOOSE VOLUSION!

    Quickbooks simply does not work. They will charge you for overages associated with the setup, they do not disclose these charges and they do NOT offer phone support for the billing department for when they overcharge you. I had to go to my credit card company because of how difficult it is to speak with someone about billing problems.

    When a company says “email only” in a department they are basically saying they dont want to help, they want you to go away and forget about what you owe.

    I have spent almost 20 hours on hold to discuss an unjust charge and now they are offering me a small percentage of the fee off. I still owe $150+ for absolutely nothing! My website is shut off and my company is suffering greatly.

    There are several different companies available that offer this service. I suggest finding one that does not hide their billing department behind an “Email Only” curtain. Save yourself some heartache.

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